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New Development
New Retail Building Coming to Downtown Rockford

(RRStar, Feb 27, 2012, Corina Curry)-Local development firm First Rockford Group will build a new shopping center at Jefferson and Third streets in downtown Rockford.

Development plans are making their way through the city’s zoning process.

According to Todd Cagnoni, the city’s deputy director of community and economic development, the request to build came up at the city’s Zoning Board of Appeals meeting last week.

The board voted 5-1 to approve a handful of construction variances for sign installation, parking, a loading dock and building elevation and facade. City staff recommended approval, Cagnoni said.

A representative from First Rockford told the board Wendesday that the firm plans to build a new retail building with space for up to four tenants, Cagnoni said. The representative also told board members that one of the businesses would be a dollar store.

The new building and parking lot will be on the northwest corner of Jefferson and Third streets. The site is mostly vacant.

Paperwork filed with the city for the construction variance application indicates that the proposed building will be 15,000 square feet. Plans call for 60 parking spaces.

The zoning board recommendation for construction variances will be forwarded to the City Council Code and Regulation Committee for discussion at its March 5 meeting.

According to a property values study conducted by Gary W. Anderson & Associates Architects, only six private sector buildings have been constructed in downtown Rockford since 1960. One of those was by First Rockford Group.

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