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Proud to Sponsor the RPS 205 SAT Prep Program

First Midwest Group and Sunil Puri are the proud sponsors of the 8th annual RPS 205 SAT Prep Program. This program is focused on helping students prepare for future college opportunities and scholarships, by preparing for the SAT exam. Study materials and lessons are provided at no cost to students.

To help motivate the students, faculty, and staff to get involved, Mr. Puri awards students who attend all 4 sessions a $25.00 Visa Gift Card, and prizes of $250 and $100 to the first and second place members of staff to sign up the most students per high school. Mr. Puri also sponsors a catered faculty and staff lunch to the high school with the most attendees. Guilford High School is the lucky winner of a delicious lunch to be provided by Famous Dave’s.

Sunil Puri truly believes in the program and states: "I don't know who's the next Mr. Sundstrand or the next Mr. Woodward, that will take this encouragement and may come back home and create employment and give back to their hometown."

Congratulations again to all the students that participated!



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