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Puri School of Business Opens for Classes

(RRStar, Georgette Braun, Oct 3, 2014)-About 250 people, including educators and U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, celebrated at a reception Friday for the grand opening of Puri Business School at Rockford University.


The 28,000-square-foot structure built in 1993 at 5100 E. State St. has been remodeled over the past few years and 5,000 square feet of classroom space added to serve as the hub for business, economic and accounting classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels.


Sunil Puri, who received a bachelor’s degree in accounting in 1982 from Rockford College (the school became Rockford University in 2013), donated the building and contributed more than $5 million to support the university’s business offerings. The building is the first named school at the university.

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