One of the starting points when selling your home is understanding what it might be worth. This helps clarify where and what you might be able to buy next. Choosing the right Rockford realtors is key to this process.


Do your research

Before you troop into the offices of any of your Rockford realtors or agents, I would advise looking on real estate sites to get an idea of what your home could be worth, get an estimate of the current values channel, which agents are selling homes in your area, what sort of properties they are selling, and how many homes similar to yours are for sale – and for roughly how much.


Draw up a shortlist of estate agents

Armed with these facts, go and speak with local Rockford realtors that you think deal with your type of home within the price bracket for your property. There’s no point talking to a very high end estate agent about your humble studio flat, for instance. I would recommend you talk to at least three agents. Here are my tips on what to look out for. Do they have a clean and orderly office? Do they have enough staff to do the job? Why not pop into the office and meet a few of them? Are they friendly, helpful and enthusiastic? Will they give your property the widest possible exposure and advertise it on all the property websites? Are they a member of a professional body, such as the National Association of Estate Agents? Do they know your local area well and have experience in selling homes like yours? Will they be honest when dealing with you and the buyers? Will they be flexible and remain open in the evenings and on weekends to show buyers around your home? Can you trust them and build up a good, honest rapport with them? Are they a good match for you?

Ask your preferred Rockford realtors to value your home and explain how they intend to market it to get the best possible price. It’s a common misconception that you should simply choose the agent that comes up with the highest price for the property. Although it’s flattering to be told your home is worth more than you imagined, there’s a lot more to selling a place than slapping a high price tag on it.

Try to get at least three to come and value your property. When your property is valued it’s important not to be too impressed by the agent that values your property the highest – this could be a ploy to win your business. Ideally, you need an agent who is going to be honest and fair, not one who is going to overvalue your property and then fail to get a buyer at that price.