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Your perfect space must have more than just the right look. It has to have the right feel and it must be able to accommodate your goals and purpose. Whether you’re searching for a new home for your growing family, or new space to start your business, location, as they say, is everything.

First Midwest Group gives you all of that and more…

With 34 years in the industry, First Midwest Group has earned the trust of our valued customers by providing the real estate solutions they need for a variety of ventures. Homes, office parks, retail locations, industrial setups – our company has a vast network of impressive resources – and the right expertise – to offer the most viable, attractive living and work sites in the Midwest.

Through our dedication, competent skills, and forward-thinking business innovations, we have been able to become one of the top real estate brokers in the region. First Midwest Group has not only built ourselves up, acquired, and successfully operated scores of area businesses, but we are also in a position to give back and build up our community, and the Rockford, IL area, through education and revitalization projects and charitable giving.

We invite you to become part of our growing business family:

First Midwest Group

Let’s face it: Most real estate agents are not productive. Just 20 % of Rockford realtors deal with 80 % of closings. The rest struggle with tiny or no enterprise, in accordance with the National Association of Realtors. How are you able to buck the odds?


Commence with pinpointing your character strengths, continue mastering every day and be prepared to perform tougher than your peers. The payoff is worth it. The very best real estate agents get the satisfaction of assisting consumers reach their dreams, and they get major dollar within the field. The top rated ten % of earners in real estate sales produced greater than $100,000 in 2011, in line with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Evaluate your character. Real estate is not for everybody, and character traits are as vital as education to any agent’s accomplishment, in line with the BLS. A lot of real estate agents function as independent contractors who earn only commissions. They should be independent self-starters unafraid of danger or alter. Real estate runs in cycles, with brisk sales periods followed by seasonal slowdowns. Accomplishment calls for deft handling of highs and lows. Also crucial are a pleasant nature, maturity, fantastic judgment, trustworthiness, honesty and enthusiasm for the job.

Points to Create

Create great verbal expertise. Closing a deal requires the potential to talk about the terms of an agreement in layman-friendly language. Presentations are a significant a part of life as a real estate agent.

Brush up on individuals’ capabilities. Lots of prosperous real estate agents acquire leads from referrals. Creating a real estate sales company demands standard networking and preserving robust contacts.

Find out the art of negotiation. Prosperous Rockford realtors make use of the energy of persuasion to encourage consumers to create or accept affordable gives. Productive negotiation calls for understanding parties’ requirements and desires, staying open to many selections, anticipating counteroffers and preparing responses ahead of time.

Look at earning a four-year undergraduate degree. A college education is not important to a real estate profession, but a 2011 study from researchers at Florida International University identified a bachelor’s degree elevated a sales agent’s likelihood of achievement by as a lot as 160%. Researchers defined accomplishment as closing on a lot more dollar volumes than half of all other brokers. Based on the BLS, courses in finance, company administration, statistics, economics, law and English can advantage a real estate profession.

Make continuing education a priority. Specialists in the University of Cincinnati say powerful real estate agents maintain up with business enterprise trends and troubles that could influence consumers. Tax laws, infrastructure improvement and zoning guidelines alter normally. The most beneficial Rockford realtors remain on major of it all by way of ongoing coaching at neighborhood real estate academies, regional associations and colleges.